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Building AudioUnit Plug-in using Max6 + Gen

スクリーンショット 2014-04-01 16.31.42

by HIROKI SATO @wowdev


By using Gen on Cycling74 Max6 we can export C++ code by sending “exportcode” message to gen~ object, and the code can be used to make your own VST or AU plug-in. This time we tried to set the environment and basic way to build AU plug-in using simple patch.


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Loaded with DerivedData

Hi, Yoshimura here.

If you are a heavy Xcode user like me, you often find your hard disk being full. Xcode create temporary files in directory under DerivedData when building and leave them there, and it can eat up unnecessary storage pretty quickly. it is good to keep that in mind, and clean it up every once in awhile.

the junk is stored under
menu > Xcode >Preferences and chose the setting window, it is under locations tab. You can even designate the location via custom.

Just a little tip for today.


GPU and insane amount of butterflies part.2

hello, Yoshimura here.

When i wrote about the butterflies last time, I was still experimenting and I kept the article brief. So today, I would like to talk more in detail about the handling and rendering of this insane amount of butterflies.

This time, there are 8 kinds of butterflies.

ColorfulButterfly from wowdev on Vimeo.

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